B-day Celebration!!!!

Rag Doll Clothing just turned 5yrs old!! I can't believe 5yrs ago I started this journey...

hx Palmer cousins for letting me borrow you :)
ad's hand and patchy grass in background}

my inspiration was this little:
{1st pair of gauchos I made when Ash was 6mos}

That chubby little baby started Kindergarten this year:
(Rag Doll skirt to meet the "dress code")
anks to everyone for supporting me, working with me, making orders, coming out to boutiques, making purchases at Contagious, sending pics and feedback!

BIG thanks to everyone for the support, custom orders & purchases along the way!

's our b-day BUT we have a gift for our readers :)
Buy one Rag Doll Clothing item and get the 2nd for only $5! {any item...mix and match!} This special will run through the end of March and will be available at the Vintage Market next weekendStart getting ready for Easter!!

{see below for more info on the Vintage Market}
il order to kylee@ragdollclothing.com

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AAREN1975c said...

Look at those cute little boys and girls! Nice shirts!