No Show=Contagious Overload

Sorry for anyone who showed up to the Barn Sale and couldn't find Rag Doll...we had a family emergency and weren't able to make it. E-mail me if you did and I'll try to make it up to you! I was so bummed we weren't able to be there. Check out Junk Restore to see all the great stuff they had. I think I was looking more forward to be a shopper than a vendor!

BUT that means Contagious is stocked full of everything that didn't make it to the Barn Sale! Six different skirt styles (including 2 NEW ones!), some bottoms and a whole lotta neckties (some new styles also!)!! Here's some before pics of the Rag Doll Clothing section:

Also heads up....we're putting together a boutique next week...pics coming soon!


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